Change template colours

Is there an easy way to change the template colours? I currently use “Pro Sidebar Store” for my listings but would like to lighten it up a bit as the default colours are dark, is there any easy way to do this?

Hi Xazzi,

in GarageSale 6 there’s no way to do this but with the updated version of the design in GarageSale 7 you can:

• Select “White Background” in the Properties Inspector
• Adjust the color of the description area background color (“Background” color field) in the Properties Inspector

If you’re looking for brighter Pro Designs you could give the “Pro: Eco”, “Pro: Package” or “Pro: Top Seller” designs a try.
More Pro Designs are available in GarageSale’s Design Store:

Regards, Kristian

OK Thanks but it says I have to pay 19.99 either Euros or USD, I only purchased v6 a year ago, I’m not paying for the same software twice.