Changes to Email visibility on Ebay

Would it also work for you if the existing e-mail field was editable ?

It would. I tried that but saw it wasn’t editable. I see auto correct changed my sentence. “Grant” was supposed to be “get”.

I don’t think that there’s an API to read the text eBay puts on its packaging slips. That would defeat the purpose of allowing third-party clients access to the proxy e-mail only.

I am curious as to why the current AppleScript could not be used for this.

Store your contact information in a variable inside AppleScript.

AppleScript can loop through the currently selected items and grab specific information about each one such as the item’s title and store these in one or more variables. AppleScript can inject basic formatting such as invisible new line characters so each each item is on its own line and blank lines appear between groups of items as you wish.

AppleScript then would combines the various variables into a single variable.

Applescript then copies the single variable to the clipboard for pasting into a document such as TextEdit for printing.

Compile your AppleScript into a application using Apple’s Script Editor and save it on the Desktop. move it to the edge of screen so you can doubleclick while still using other apps.

  1. Select items in GS.

  2. Double Click the Applescript to run it (unless you selected many items it should run in a second or two).

  3. Paste clipboard into TextEdit.

  4. Print.

You might be able to take a it a bit further and skip steps 3 & 4 by having Applescript do that automatically.

For high-volume sellers, an automated approach would clearly be preferable, but for those of us who deal in very small volume, the simplest approach at the moment is to simply print the eBay packing slip to PDF, then use whatever PDF editor you happen to have to add a text note or “object” that contains whatever content you want to convey to that document.

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