Changes to Email visibility on Ebay

Just wondering if GS will still be able to download emails in the purchase order?

I assume you’d get an alias e-mail generated by eBay in GarageSale, which will be forwarded to the buyer’s real e-mail address for a limited time period only.

I guess too many sellers were auto-adding buyers to their mailing lists without asking their buyers for consent first.

Ebay wants to be sure you aren’t selling to buyers without eBay getting the fees associated. With an email I can use PayPal to get future sales and upgrades for shipping and more products the buyer and eBay found out they were loosing fees on sales.

Looks to me like this happened in the last 2 weeks or so, used to be able to get emails, now its an eBay proxy…

Sorry guys, didn’t make myself clear on that one. As I can currently see the actual customer email address in the orders section in GS, I was wondering if that will still be the case after Ebay makes its changes?

Regards David
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I hope we still can but eBays explanation makes it seem doubtful

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That would be a terrible outcome.

Regards David

September 11

I hope we still can but eBays explanation makes it seem doubtful

They may be rolling it out slowly. I looked up someones email to facilitate a pick-up 2 weeks ago, email was there. 2 days ago I got an order from someone I knew 30 years ago, went to find his email in orders, and it was a eBay email address. Checked all recent orders and they were all the same. Time to put contact info cards in orders maybe?

I have just read too this change and it is worrying me a lot. Buyer email is something necessary for me, reading the recent news report I guess eBay will slowly hidden it changing with an Ebay proxy email. This is not good news… I suppose also GS will no longer show the real buyer email. In news report they say this change will also interest API information…

Not good news is it. I suppose the phone number is still valid so texting is not possible.

Messes me up a bit too. After a sale, I often make other sales outside of Ebay. Both buyers and sellers would prefer to work outside of Ebay’s restrictions. Ah well life moves on.

Any comments GS team?

This is a screen shot of what ebay is now doing. As you can see they are not allowing GS access to emails.:Screen Shot 2020-09-11 at 10.44.56 AM

Just found this

it’s part of the fall seller update

Much the same as the message I received from EBay Australia.

Regards David

There is not much to comment about. Ebay makes the rules, we just have to play by them, regardless if we like them or not.

It seems we don’t even need to change anything for this change to work in GarageSale.

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Buyers who try to buy things off eBay using eBay have a good chance of being placed on my blocked buyer list since this is grounds for being removed form eBay.

eBay regularly uses fake accounts to “test” sellers, which is oronic considering eBay is one of the most corrupt companies in existance - whose various scams have ripped consumers off for billions.

There is nothing preventing you from setting up your own shop with you own website or even a free blog from Blogger. You can use Zelle to accept payments with no fees or chargebacks as its direct bank transfer. You can use Pirateship for commercial rates. You can earn some income form ads inserted on your site if you sell unusual items that people interested in doing research might be interested in looking at such as antiques.

eBay has no legal right to prevent me; for instance, from using my eBay user name for the name of my website since it existed before eBay did and I assigned to rights to eBay.

Buyers can then find you via a Google search and contact you through your website. It cannot be argued that they found your website via eBay since they can also find your website by finding other items from your website listed in Google’s search engine.

Oh well. Looks like Ebay strikes again.


Another reason why eBay wants to hide emails is to prevent sellers from finding out how bad their selling platform is.

I sell antiques, collectibles and similar items.

I’ve used the buyer’s information, including their eBay i.d., to find their business website via Google out of curiosity. I found multiple instances where the buyers were buying my items not to resell on eBay but on their own website.

eBay hasn’t been the market leader in such items for well over a decade. This has been entirely caused by eBay management who only seek short term profits at any cost in order to get their bonus pay before they leave the company. Their polices have harmed the company long term.

Remember when everyone was making fun of Amazon for not making any money and eBay was the 800 pound gorilla in the room? Now Amazon is 8,000 pound gorilla in the room and eBay keeps on declining because the company is run by people who only seek their own self interest.

Frankly eBay does not even want people like us on their site. They started dumping us during Meg in favor of big box stores. Those big box stores were dumped in favor of Chinese sellers who have the advantage of using slave labor, ignoring environmental laws and stolen IP. Those Chinese sellers (i.e., the Chinese government) don’t complain because the more they sell the more they destroy the industrial base of other countries.

eBay can’t even keep its own lies straight.

For instance, eBay told sellers they were converting 30 Day lisitngs to GTC with auto renewel so that items could obtain more exposure and thus sell.

Yet when you cancel GTC listing early eBay includes a note stating that you should consider an auction for the items to obtain more exposure.

So auctions of 7 or 10 days get more exposure than a GTC item that is cancelled on the 30th day before its set to renew. Yet they coverted 30 Day lisitngs to GTC. Cant have it both ways!

An eBay customer service actually tried to tell me that a counter on GTC items that are ended at 30 days would not motivate anyone to buy the item it unless it was a “rare” item. LOL, the term “rare” is meaningless. I have a lot of very rare items - the only copy that exists, but the real question is someone willing to buy it. If so, then you wouldn’t stick it in a GTC listing - its would be in an auction for bidders to drive up the price. Somehow I expected better lies form eBay for the fees I pay them.

It seems like the only way to establish a direct contact now is to create your own packing list document instead of using eBay’s and include your contact email there in some very prominent fashion so the buyer can’t miss it. Perhaps generation of such a form might be something we could hope for as a feature in a future GS release?

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That is a good idea.

@ilja Good news on the email front. They (eBay) put the buyers email and phone number on the Invoice / Packing slip. Perhaps GS can get it from there or make a space for us to manually enter it?

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