Changing Computers? (+ some thoughts)

Hey there, love the software.

I have been using GarageSale with my Macbook, but I want to switch to using my iMac as my primary machine. I’ve already activated the full version on the Macbook. How do I switch to the new computer using the same key? I didn’t buy the multi-computer key. Can I uninstall GarageSale on the Macbook to free the key?

Also, I would be open to getting the multi-computer key, but only if the software can sync between two machines, much like a web based solution. I’m not sure why I would ever want the current multi-computer option, because it would be like keeping two separate inventories. Will there be any kind of sync function in the future? Then I would gladly buy the more expensive option.

Also, just some feedback, the primary reason I use your product is because it is a very efficient way to do data entry for listings and inventory simultaneously. I’ve personally never used templates too much because I don’t run my store like a brand, but I very much appreciate the fact that I can enter data for my inventory, for ALL items I have, no matter whether I sell them on Facebook or Ebay, and then I can use that data to assemble a listing. Anything that cuts down on the labor/time for a sole prop like me is huge, and the backend reporting is also a must for bookkeeping.

Anyways, making the process more automated is that critical function that made me choose your product, because no one does that as well as you guys, especially for people like me who sell 1 off odds and ends.

Hi NorthWesterly,

glad to hear you like GarageSale!

You can use a single user license on up to two of your Macs:
Just enter your license in GarageSale on your other Mac and you’re ready to go.

So far there’s no sync feature available but it is planned for a future version, yes.

Regards, Kristian

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