Changing postage on multiple items

See that my last query on this item was closed because an inactivity period of 10 days. I was awaiting your response, Ilya.


you might want to contact the GarageSale support and send them the 5 exported listings as mentioned by Ilja.

Regards, Kristian

In the two listings I have exported, the first listing (cricket) has three payment methods and the other listing (netball) has two.

When both are highlighted (selected) in the right hand pane it is identified in GS as “Shipping: Multiple Selection”.

The 3rd option of the 1st item never appears unless that item is selected on its own. Because of that it is not possible to remove it. That is ok for two items but if one item out of 100 is different, it is hard to find the rogue listing.

A couple of suggestions.

  1. Show the postage in the right hand pane alongside ‘starting Bid’, ‘But it now Price’ etc

  2. Name the LH and RH panes so we always know which pane we are talking about.


Exported (408 KB)

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