Changing the price in inventory doesn't change the price in listing variation. Why not?

GS 7.0.20 and High Sierra.

I create a listing with (for example) three variations. I add the items to inventory, then create the listing and add those items as variations. I submit it and it publishes on ebay and life is good.

Later I decide to drop the prices a bit, so I go into my inventory and adjust the prices there. I go back to my listing and check the variations…and they’ve all still got the old price on it. If I revise the entire listing, the old price is still there.

If I change the price in inventory, does it not make sense that I also want the prices on those associated listings to also change? As it is now it seems like I have to change my inventory price AND go to the associated listings and change them again. Why double the work?

You are right. GarageSale should detect when you change the price in an inventory item and offer to updated linked listings with the new price (as we currently do when changing the SKU field in an inventory item). I’ll create an entry on our TODO list.

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