Inventory Price Adjustment: Will this be fixed, or is this another screw-over?

EDIT: For those who clicked, it’s been confirmed: this is going to be another screw-over. “It’s not a bug, it’s a feature!” Seriously. Read the replies.

My previous thread about this issue was given a response of: “You are right. GarageSale should detect when you change the price in an inventory item and offer to updated linked listings with the new price (as we currently do when changing the SKU field in an inventory item). I’ll create an entry on our TODO list.”

There’s now a paid upgrade path to the 8.x version, and no sign of a bug fix for the 7.x verison.

I’ve been using GarageSale long enough to know that a lot LOT LOT of times, reported (and acknowledged) bugs in current versions are promised a fix but very VERY VERY often are only fixed in a paid-for “upgrade” (if they’re fixed at all; there are bugs that still exist which have been ignored since the earliest days of GarageSale), leaving those who reported the bugs and those who are content with the current version in the lurch.

I have no problem with charging people for an upgrade that adds features, but charging people for an upgrade to fix reported and acknowledged bugs is Donald Trump-level slimy.

Is my bug report going to be another one of those things, or can we expect iwascoding to have a little honor this time and actually fix the bugs that exist in the 7.x version so that those of us who paid for it previously aren’t screwed over yet again?

I think that is a bit tough on the GS guys. I am sure they try their hardest. I am just grateful that GS continues to exist even though it does not appear profitable.
Mind you, as I’ve suggested before, a list of items currently being worked on would be useful.

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Sorry, but in my book that’s feature very worthwhile to have, but not a bug.

What bugs that we only addressed with a paid upgrade do come to your mind?

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Sorry, but in my book that’s feature very worthwhile to have, but not a bug.

Bullshit. You even specifically said “GarageSale should detect (it)”. You didn’t say “that’s a good idea” or “great feature request”, you said “GarageSale should detect (it)”. When something “should” do something and doesn’t, then that’s a bug by any rational definition. Literally any bug fix could rightfully be called a “feature” by your argument.

What bugs that we only addressed with a paid upgrade do come to your mind?

The list is long and old, so much so that I truthfully can’t recall them off the top of my head. I do recall multiple instances, however, of using pirated serial numbers rather than paying for an upgrade because you decided a bug fix was a “feature” rather than a legitimate fix (as you’re doing now, Mr. Trump), and if that’s what’s going to happen here then I guess it’s time for me to install a pirated v8 serial. I only pay for upgrade licenses when you introduce a feature that’s actually useful to me. I don’t know how far back your support system goes back but if it has any history of merit then go back and look at any of the multitude of reports I’ve made in the past. I think I was using GarageSale at around version 2 if not earlier. If my memory serves me, I think I was using a pirated v3, v4, and/or v6 serial, so whatever bugs you fixed — er, I mean, “features you introduced” — in those versions would be a good starting point for you to look into.

To wit: GarageSate still fucks up HTML, a bug (or “feature” in your language) that has existed since at least version 2 or 3, if I remember correctly. It can be replicated on command, I’ve reported it at least twice in the past, yet still it exists. If and when you get around to fixing that (not holding my breath), are you going to call that a “feature” too? "NEW FEATURE! Now GarageSale doesn’t produce buggy HTML code and screw up your descriptions like it’s been doing for years!"

Charging people for bug fixes — or calling them “features” when you yourself admit they’re bugs — is an effing slimy thing to do, and you should be ashamed. If you want loyalty from your customers, show some integrity. Your position now lacks that.

Think again, and look at their response here first. They’re actually claiming that it’s not a bug fix, but a “feature”. This is going to be another screw-over.

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