Choosing Ebay payments opens can of worms

Choosing ebay payments from the drop down requires me to choose a return profile and a shipping profile.

PROBLEM: There are 6 shipping profiles and 999 (at least possibly more) return profiles in the list. Any way to simplify this? GS can NOT upload with this red ! showing. Switching back to PayPal as payment method allows me to upload and removes the red warning. I would like to use the eBay payments option if possible.

The easiest solution probably is to NOT select a pament profile in the payment options.
Instead, select any payment method there, e.g. PayPal. On listing start eBay will ignore these settings and return a warning but you can ignore that and start the listing anyway.

If you want to go with the payment profile instead you need to select a profile for shipping and returns as well due to eBay rules. We created an extra help page how to deal with eBay’s business policies here:

Regards, Kristian

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