Clarification on 60 day image hosting rule


I understand that GS only hosts images for 60 days unless they are GTC.

However, suppose I list a product on 30 day BIN and it doesn’t sell…

I then wait four weeks before re-listing again…

Presumably, on day 61 the image is lost but the listing text remains? So I would have to reload the image to use the existing listing in this circumstance?

Or could I relist on day 59 and my image would be hosted by GS for another 60 days? And could I keep the image hosted provided the re-listing always happened before the 60th day?

Hope this makes sense!

If you re-list through GarageSale, GarageSale will re-upload your images to the selected image server.

Even if you relist your item on day 61 (not sure if eBay allows this), GarageSale just re-uploads your images.

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