Clicking "Help" from the program menu does nothing

I’m really struggling to complete my first advert with GarageSale (licensed). Clicking the “Help” button on the top menu doesn’t do anything. I really could do with a good video tutorial (step by step) to guide me.
For instance I was trying to enter an MPN number but the little box for it does not respond when I type!! and yes I did click on where it says “12 Custom Details” to get the dialog up first. Does anyone here know of a good video tutorial?
BTW I have used a previous version in 2016 which I had no trouble with, but unfortunately I cannot load any of my past adverts because of incompatibility with version 9?

The first links is very simple but mostly an ad for GS. The second covers everything and most answers can be found there if you look hard enough and can find where your question is contained in the answers.

Thanks for the reply, I’ll take a look in the manual via your link. BTW I found that after closing GarageSale that the help window had indeed opened but it was behind the program’s window!! However I still cannot find a solution to not being able to enter an MPN there but did find other useful information.
P.S. Just followed the link but it is the same help file so still no answer on how to enter an MPN number.
Anyone else with an answer???

I’ve just had a thought, that after watching the videos my problem may be that ‘Item Specifics’ can only be entered on the eBay site directly? Is it impossible to do using GarageSale? I’m only asking this question in the first place because I’ve looked at an existing AD on eBay selling Amazon Echo Earbuds where they give these MPN numbers etc. and I wanted to copy them into my AD.

Just a thought, try to add a category first - maybe that will open up the MPN field…

You need to select the category, in this case “Headphones”, then use the “Add Detail” popup in the Attributes popover to add the “MPN” attribute.

Hope this helps.

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