Closed 2 Year Old Auction in Smart Folder

Started a smart folder with ‘Status-Prepared’. There was an old completed auction in the smart folder from way back when. I tried the right click option ‘reveal original’ and GS suddenly quit. I rebuild the database indexes but that did not help. My work around was to add a rule ‘Title-Is Not-’ then the title of that auction from hell. Any ideas?

If you delete that “Status Prepared” smart group, and recreate it afterwards, is the listing still there?

Tried re-creating smart folder with no change. Also rebuilt indexes with no smart folder, and then again re-created it. That auction still shows in the folder.

I need to take a look at your database to figure out what´s going go. Here is what you need to do:

  1. In GarageSale, got to “Help” menu > “Show Library Folder”.
  2. Quit GarageSale.
  3. Compress the directory GarageSale.leveldb as a .zip file
  4. Upload that zip file to Dropbox using this web page:

My GarageSale.leveldb has been uploaded to your Dropbox.


Please download the GarageSale version linked below, and execute the Reveal command on the “ghost” listings, then click “Fix”.

That took care of it. Thanks!!

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