Closing "Shipping Options" Window?

The behaviour of the Shipping Options window is erratic and unpredictable.

Sometimes the window appears without the normal MAC controls - red, yellow, green buttons. If this happens, sometimes changes are saved and sometimes they are not. You have to always check.

Sometimes the window appears with the normal MAC controls - red, yellow, green buttons. Changes are saved if you close the window using the red button.

This is a real time-waster, because you always have to check your changes. Why does the window appear without the red/yellow/green buttons?

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I think you are maybe accidentally “tearing off” the menu and forcing it to become a window.

When you click the Shipping Options to reveal the popup, you are looking at a contextual menu which refers to the listing you clicked, not a window. That will not have Mac-style window controls.

If you accidentally drag that menu away from its position (for instance, when you click one of the tabs in the menu to change modes), the menu becomes a window. It is no longer attached to the listing you’re editing.

This window mode is useful if you first select one or more listings, then edit the settings in the window. The changes will be applied to the selection.

If you tear off the menu (which is a standard Mac interface behavior, by the way), the behavior changes.

Hi - thanks for the reply.
It’s not what I’m seeing. Yes, if I move the pop-up menu it becomes a window.

However, what I see is a pop-up menu OR a window - randomly. It OPENS either way.
If it opens as a pop-up menu then the changes I make to the shipping costs may or may not be saved - again randomly.

It’s the random behaviour and always having to check that changes are saved which is the irritation.

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I have not had that problem personally, and have had no problems since I noticed the tear-off behavior and was careful not to drag when I clicked.

OK, what I will do in future is to “tear-off” the menu, then make changes, then click on the window’s red button to make sure my changes have been saved.
GS’s behaviour with this Shipping Options menu/window remains erratic on my machine (MacOS 10.12.6), but the above work-around, although not ideal, should work.

Nope. Spoke too soon.
It doesn’t matter whether Shipping Options is a Window or a Pop-Up Menu, my changes are not always saved. Apparently randomly.
I’m still having to go back into Shipping Options to check. Today, changes were only saved on the fourth attempt.
regards, Dave

my first class international shows up as blank under the Service heading.

. It has been doing that for 9 months

My shipping options also save or don’t save entirely randomly. Also, bulk editing is hit and miss as to whether it works on all items or at all. It all feels a bit glitchy at the moment. :frowning:

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