Combined Shipping Warning

Hi all

I keep getting a warning when uploading my listings regarding combined shipping. When clicking on more info it reads:

'We noticed that your listing may offer combined shipping discounts to your buyers, and we’re writing to tell you about a change that may prevent your buyers from receiving shipping discounts via a combined invoice.

As announced this spring, to reduce unpaid items eligible fixed price and auction-style listings purchased with Buy It Now will remain for sale unless the buyer pays right away. That means buyers must first add items to their eBay Shopping Cart to purchase multiple items with a single payment.

To continue to offer shipping discounts to your buyers, we encourage you to set up your own shipping promotions using the combined shipping discounts tool in My eBay. Once your shipping promotions are set up, be sure to apply them when you list or revise your items. Your shipping discounts will be applied automatically and immediately once your buyers add eligible items to their shopping baskets.’

However I am not offering combined shipping in my eBay settings - and I have checked all the setting in GarageSale and can’t see anything relating to this. Also it only seems to happen to with some listings & not others?! All of my items are listed as BIN and with zero shipping costs.

Any ideas?

Hi there,

Please note that this warning is returned and generated by the eBay server (not by GaragSale).

You can setup shipping discounts on the eBay website only:

If done, you can select them in GarageSale:

Hope this helps,

Hi Kristian

Many thanks for your reply :smiley:

I wonder if you could advise further re: my particular situation. Almost all of my items are BIN with free postage. However there may be a rare occasion where I might list an item with a postage cost.

What would be the best way to set up the preferences? I am based in the UK by the way and my account is set up on - it could be the preferences here may be different than on

OK I have available the option to offer combined payments ‘Buyers can make a single payment for all items purchased from me within 30 days.’ which I have edited and allowed.

I am then presented with option to edit the ‘flat postage rule’ and the ‘promotional postage rule’.

Which of these two options should I edit to fit with my selling practices / postage charges - and which options within these two rules should I select?

feeling confused :dizzy_face: