Comparison between GS and eBay image hosting

I don’t need Pro but I do need GTC listings so am trying to find the best solution for an infrequent lister.

When I list with GS, the image size can take me up to 1600 x 1200 (great!) wheras with EPS it seems to be fixed at a much smaller level (more like 500 x 375 - not great).

In other words, the same image will give very different listing results, depending on which image service is used.

Is it possible to use EPS and still gain the image size you can achieve with GS? Or is the EPS resticted to a lower pixel size?


GarageSale is uploading your images scaled down to 1600x1600 pixels to eBay server. I think eBay is scaling down those images way too much, but not there’s no much we an do about it.

OK. So it seems that unless you subscibe to Pro, then you can only show small images for GTC listings?

Additionaly, I have noticed that when using EPS via GS that the ‘Mouse over image’ function is also disabled (it is not possible to magnify the image on eBay). This is a big drawback.

It seems that non-Pro GS8 users have to make some serious compromises on image functionality if they want to use GTC listings…

That might be true if you’re using small images but it’s not true in general. Just make sure you’re using large images and that you have “Enable picture pack automatically, if free” enabled in the GarageSale preferences > eBay > eBay Images.

Hope this helps,

Hi Kristian

I only use large images and the picture pack option is ticked.

I think you identified the problem in your earlier post: eBay is downscaling the images posted from GS.

The knock-on effect from the downscaling seems to be that it also disables the ‘mouse over image’ function.

I can’t see how I can use GS with GTC and get good quality listings. It looks like the only option is to migrate to Pro.

Could you export one of the live listings in question using GarageSale’s export function (File menu > Export Listings) and send it to me so I can have a closer look at it? Please compress (zip) the exported listing before posting it here.
You can send it to me via private message, if you prefer that.

Regards, Kristian

Is there an advantage to using the GS Free picture service over going directly to the Ebay’s picture service? Seems like an extra step would slow down uploading listings?

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