Computer crashing when I open Garagesale

Hello all, I’m an eBay selller and have been using garagesale for several years now. Suddenly today, the app crashed when I hade automated sales set up. Tried doing manually then crashed again. So cut off my mac and started again…then my whole computer shut down when trying to open…now garagesale won’t open at all. The only recent thing I’ve done is refresh a token a few days ago…I believe I’m running the most current software…running mac 12.6.2
I’m hoping this is just a glitch but never happened before and I rely on my eBay business.(power seller)
Any thoughts? Rick in Illinois(US)

Could it be that you are not using the latest version of GarageSale? The latest version is GarageSale 9.3.

Older versions like GarageSale 7 or GarageSale 8 are no longer compatible with major changes of the eBay system, that’s why I am asking.

If you are subscriber of GarageSale Pro, you can upgrade to the latest version without paying any upgrade fee.

I’m using the current one…per your advice I trashed the old one and uploaded new one…still same results…app won’t open and it crashes my computer…this has never happened in all the years using this app…anyone? Help? losing money each hour… Rick in IL

I already replied through our support system.

Still not working…updateded OS, updated to new garage sale app(even though I was using the newest)…everytime I attempt to open app my computer crashes/get’s locked up…

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