Condition Description Bug In 9.5

I just upgraded to version 9.5 and have discovered a bug with entering Condition Description. Steps to reproduce:

1 - Create a new listing in a category that supports Condition
2 - Set the condition to Brand New
3 - Attempt to edit the Condition Description

Garage Sale 9.5 will not allow you to enter a description. Prior versions did.

4 - Change Condition to some other value such as Good
5 - Attempt to edit Condition Description

Garage Sale will allow you to enter a description.

6 - Switch back to Brand New condition
7 - It retains the Description, which acts as a workaround for this bug.

I enter a condition description for all listings, even items that are brand new. Sometimes it’s as simple as “New and sealed.” Other times it might be “New with tear in plastic wrap” to help avoid Item Not As Described returns.

I have attached a video showing this bug and workaround.

Thank you for making the video. I am not sure if that actually is a bug though. As far as I can tell you only need/can enter a Condition Description if you select a “Used” condition - or to be more specific - a condition that is not “New/Brand New”.
If you select a “New/Brand New” condition the Condition Description won’t be shown on eBay/won’t be transferred to eBay afaik.

In prior versions of Garage Sale, including 9.4, the app allows you to enter a condition description when you select Brand New for the condition. I just reconfirmed that on my other computer, which I haven’t yet upgraded to 9.5, using a secondary eBay account.

I had assumed it was submitting that text to eBay. I just reviewed listings I created before upgrading and see that wasn’t the case.

So I guess the bug was in 9.4 and prior, but it’s now corrected in 9.5. The change in behavior threw me off and I never bothered to check further. So, thanks for fixing a bug! I’ll just modify my behavior.

Thanks for the quick response!

I looked up the logic of the description field in the eBay API docs. It says:

This field is applicable for all item conditions except 'New', 'Brand New', 'New with tags', and 'New in box'. If ConditionDescription is used with these conditions (Condition IDs 1000-1499), eBay will simply ignore this field if included, and eBay will return a warning message to the user. 

I guess Bay did not return a warning despite older versions of GS submitted theses fields, otherwise somebody would have complained. :man_shrugging:

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