Condition information for eBay Trading Card Singles

eBay recently required condition information for Trading Card Singles. There are 2 fields associated: ‘Condition’ and ‘Condition Type’. Limiting the discussion to the Condition ’Ungraded’ of which I have thousands of listings, a subsequent field is required entitled Condition Type that allows for one of four choices: Near Mint or Better; Excellent, Very Good and Poor. My issue is as follows: I select a folder of trading card singles (e.g. 500+) then highlight all items. I then set the Condition to ‘Ungraded”. As long as ALL the items have the same value (or as in my case all blank) the + sign displays and allows changing all the items to one of the 4 settings at once. If any item has a different setting from the others, the + sign does NOT display and entry is disallowed. The only option then is to search thru 500 (or more) items manually to find those that don’t match!

I tried using AppleScript to set the values of these two fields to “Ungraded’ and “Excellent” but the Condition Type is not listed in the GS Text Suite’ of field names. There is a 1000 character field called ‘condition description’ but this is not the same as Condition Type that is required by the Trading Card Singles eBay listing Category. If I knew the name of this field, I could solve my problem.


Does it maybe help if you first select the same category (Trading Card Single) for all 500 listings at once before trying to set a Condition Type?

Tried - same issue. I had about 25,000 items in this category listed on eBay prior to eBay requiring a condition on NEW listings. GTC items would re-list automatically without a check to see if the new condition requirements were set. The issue surfaces when listing a new GS item AFTER the eBay condition requirement. In GS, the new items with conditions set are mixed in with the older ones. For reasons I won’t go into, I had to end most of the 25,000 older item listings. So now, conditions are required. I tried to set all the GS listings in large groups to ‘Ungraded’ ‘Excellent’ before re-listing. If the group has any (1) that has a previously set condition the + sign does not appear next to the condition type. Therefore, it is like looking for a needle in a haystack to find which one(s) it is so I can exclude it from the selection. With 25,000 items it is a daunting task! Also, can you provide me the AppleScript field name for Condition Type when the Condition is set to ‘Ungraded’? (it is not Condition Description)

Can you post a screenshot of the settings (Inspector sidebar) of one of the listings in questions so we can see the selected category and condition (‘+’ sign)?

Thank you for posting these screenshots.
I see, “Condition Type” stays totally blank if you select multiple listings, some of which have no “Condition Type” selected.

There might be an easy solution:

  1. Select one of your listings that have the desired Condition Type selected already.
  2. Right-click on that listing in outline view and select “Copy Listing Components”.
  3. Now select your 500+ listings you want to edit. (you better try it out with a handful listings first)
  4. Perform a right-click and select “Paste Listing Components”. In the paste panel select “Condition Settings” and hit OK.
  5. All selected listings should use the same Condition and Condition Type afterwards.

YEAH!! That worked. You just saved me days of tedious work.
Thank You!


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