Configuring drop zones

Picking up on the thread I started a while ago and which wasn’t concluded…

Is there a way of configuring Drop Zones to match my template? I’d like to have two vertically stacked images in the body of the item description, e.g.

I’d appreciate some help here.

Thank you and best wishes


Sorry, I cannot open the listing link you posted. Can you post another one?


I don’t have any listings currently active so here is a screenshot of an old one to show you the configuration of drop zones I’d like to achieve, if it’s possible.

Many thanks for looking into this for me.

Best wishes


I’m not sure if I get request correctly, but I believe it’s about having the description split into several blocks by inserting images at certain places, right?

Here is one way to do it, that wouldn’t required a custom design:

  1. Switch to editor mode.
  2. Select the “No Images” layout from the design popover button in the toolbar
  3. Within your item description, insert blocks like below at the appropriate places:

``[[if “index item.auctionImageURLs 0”]]


(This one would insert the first image. You need to change the two “0” into “1” etc for other images… Here is a screenshot of how to use this construct several times:


You’ve understood my request perfectly and given me a perfect solution.

Thank you very much. I’m delighted.

Best wishes


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