Content convert mode switches in preview simply by clicking on text


I am reporting a bug that annoys me from the beginning of using GarageSale.

I use Markdown to format my listings.
Than I switch to preview.
When I click on the text a message box appears noticing that the content needs to be converted to HTML. When saying “yes” it just switches the convert mode to “Do not convert (already HTML)”. GarageSale does not convert the content to HTML. It leaves it formatted in Markdown. When I do nothing more than that, GarageSale leaves the listing as an unformatted all in one line Markdown text.

The situation is even worse, when I do click to not show this message anymore.
I often click by accident on text in preview, but do not change anything. Because this alone is enough to switch the convert mode without me noticing I often end up upload a listing on eBay, that contains unformatted markdown code. Which looks terrible of course.

Because this happened to me so often now, I always go through all my listings to check if the convert mode is still correct before I upload my listing changes.

I would expect GarageSale not to switch convert mode by clicking on text alone. It should switch only on a change of text in preview.
Or when it switches the convert mode to HTML it should also convert the Markdown code to HTML.


Sounds like GS should have behaved like you suggested from the get to (but the necessary delegate calls from the WebView components were probably missing at that time).

I assume you are talking about the changing the conversation popup menu in Editor mode?

Hi Ilja,

No, I’am talking about the automatic switch that occurs, when you click on text in preview.

It depends on your settings what happens. By default, a message appears that even says that the text needs to be converted to HTML and if GarageSale should do that. By clicking yes, it only switches the convert mode, but does not convert the text itself.

The same happens when you have clicked the checkbox to not show this message again. But than you click the text in preview, it switches the convert mode, and the text stays unconverted.
In that case you do not notice the switch, which is bad because the result is an unformatted listing.
It happened to me a lot of times, that I even uploaded such a damaged listing and noticed later on eBay.


Sorry, I cannot reproduce what you describe (see attached screen recording). Or am I missing something?


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