Copy/Paste Components problem

We’re evaluating GS and I can’t seem to get this function to work. When I right click on a listing, I get the popup menu and select “Copy Listing Components”. But when I click on another listing, “Paste Listing Components” is grayed-out. The only listing where it’s not grayed-out is the listing I copied it from.

Does the source and/or destination listing have to be live for this to work?

Well, the problem just went away on it’s own, seems to be working now.

To be honest, I have several problem of text formatting since I download GS (6 and then beta versions). One of them is the copy/paste command in description. If you copy and paste a phrase or just a word in the same listing, it becomes grey. The only way to preserve formatting is right click>copy>right click>paste… cmd+C and cmd+V make problem…

video on dropbox

Thanks for reporting. We´ll look into this, but since the preview component is a standard component provided by the operating system, it might be hard to fix.

Ah I see, so I understand why this problem stil persists from GS 6… anyway, welcome, I report every issue I meet hoping to help …

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