Copy Pasting Design Components no longer works


I can no longer copy paste listing (design) components from an existing listing to another existing listing, it might have to do to with the cookie banner that pops up each time I click on a listing in GS software, that one is new, noticed it first time today.

Please have a look, thank you.

Can you describe more specifcs what’s not working? Are the “copy/paste listing components” greyed-out? Can you select the paste command but it doesn’t have any effect?

Also, could it be that the listings in question use different eBay sites or different designs?

The cookie banner from the eBay website should have nothing to do with it. You might want to switch from “Live” to Editor or Preview mode to give the copy/paste listing components another try.

Regards, Kristian

Oh my bad, it actually works in editor mode, making a note ;). Thank you, can mark as solved!