Corrupted Data ... with a Silver Lined TWIST!


So I migrated from one computer to another and when I fired up GS i got the dreaded “corrupted database” message. I followed some of the advice on here like rebuilding database and holding down the OPTION button when I started the app but the result was a mutilated version of my GS. Nothing would show on editor mode and when I went to the Preferences tab the software would just crash.

Next I tried to use a time machine backup of the GS Container but that gave me the same error. I even went back 1 week thinking the corruption occured recently but no luck.

Then I took a copy of the container file to a new computer, installed a fresh copy of GS [7.0.21b1 (857)] which is the same version which I have on my main computer. The new computer gave me the same error. Corrupted datafile.

Okay here is the twist… I have my original SSD which I have been using before the migration. When replaced the SSD into my system GARAGE SALE WORKS!

No warning of data corruption or anything.

So what i have done now is to export all of my listings (using the EXPORT feature). That’s an amazing and under appreciated way to save your listings I think. I took that export to the new machine and it loaded right up by the way so ppl may want periodically EXPORT their listings as an alternative backup.

Okay… so I wanted to see if @kristian (or anyone) might have a way I can export my database (with my sales data, settings, folders and accounts, etc) from my working system (old SSD) to my new system (new SSD) since copying the contents of the container folder in its entirety only gives me a corruption error.

Is using the beta version of GS the problem or one of them?
What about how your old HD was formatted vs your new? APS, encrypted, encrypted, case sensitive, etc.

Thank you in advance!

The steps decribed in FAQ #25 should result in a working GarageSale database on your Mac.
(It refers to the GarageSale 8 database but for GarageSale 7 it works the same.)

What you could give another try is to transfer your GS7 database folder directly from your SSD to your other Mac, following the advices in FAQ #25.

If you should still get that corruption warning there, give the “repair database” debug option command another try.

Also, please use the final version of GarageSale 7.0.21, not a previous beta version.
Click on the grey “Download Older Versions” field in the Downloads section to find the latest GS7 version (scroll down a bit there):

Hope this helps,

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