Corruption: Missing Files after Time Machine restore

Hi - Just restored Garage Sale 9 from a Time Machine backup to a newer version of Mac OS 10.15.7 (Catalina) than what I was using (High Sierra). Getting the following message when trying to open Garage Sale. I was hoping to not have to do a fresh install of Garage Sale considering the accounts and templates and stuff I have. Error message only stated one file name but message said “8 missing files.”



You should try to manually transfer the latest GarageSale 9 database folder (“com.iwascoding.garagesale9”) from your Time Machine drive to your Mac.

Another thing you can try is to run GarageSale’s built-in repair mechanism. It might be able to repair your database. This is how you must proceed:

  1. Start GarageSale and immediately click and hold down the ctrl-key.
  2. A small window should appear allowing you to enable “debug options”.
  3. Select “auto-repair database” and hit Continue.
  4. Give GarageSale some time to startup and keep your fingers crossed.

Hi Kristian,

Thanks for the quick reply!

I held down the “Control” key and rebuilt everything and GS9 came right up perfectly!

Thanks for the many years of support.


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