Could the relist option move to trash?

Could the relist option move the relisted listing to the trash? The list option moves the old listing to the trash file and the relist option leaves the old one in the folder as an ended listing and that fills up the folder with ended listings. If is isn’t preferable for everyone to have this feature option, then a preference setting to move to trash after a relist would be helpful.

My Relist Launch Control window already has this option…


Thanks. I never saw those tiny little options at the bottom of that pane. I can’t remember seeing these fine tuning details in the program manual.

Is there away to close all the folders that are opened?

I spend so much time closing opened folders to save time when scrolling up or down. I think I saw this discussed and I can’t remember seeing it in the manual.

Yes, they are:

Regards, Kristian

What I have done is to create an “enclosing folder” for all of them. Then if you <option-key> click on the folder triangle it will either open or close all enclosing folders.


Thanks kristan. Your are correct. When I upgraded to GS8 I read every page in the manual. The problem is mine, comprehending what I read. :neutral_face:

Thanks Neal. That bulk closes them perfect!

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