Couldn’t communicate with a helper application

I haven’t used GarageSale in a while, so version 6 was still on my computer. I am trying to migrate to GarageSale 7 but I cannot get past the error; “Couldn’t communicate with a helper application” when GarageSale 7 is trying to import my files from GarageSale 6.

After removing GarageSale 7 and moving GarageSale 6 back into the applications folder, GarageSale 6 opens and acts normally.

I do have all of my GarageSale 6 files backed up onto an external drive, but how do I get my auctions into GarageSale 7?

Please download this tool, then unzip it and start it by double-clicking on it (make sure GarageSale 7 is not running):
It will try to import your GS6 database in the background. This process will take a while.

If done, start GarageSale 7.

Hope this helps,

Thanks for the app!

I take it that I need to delete GarageSale 7’s files to run the profile importer app?

I am receiving the following error;
‘Cannot convert your GarageSale 6 libary, because a GarageSale 7 library already exists.’

Yes, if a GS7 database already exist you need to remove it first.Please see enrty #18 here for instructions:

Regards, Kristian

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