CRASH and Inventory lost

Garage Sale just crashed (running Version 6.8b6 (585) on a MBP 2012 non-retina running OSX 10.9.4) after a few hours of entering about 10 or 11 inventory items. When it crashed, all the new items I just created disappeared (Descriptions, SKUs, Titles, Costs, Prices, all of the items gone). adding those items back in is going to be a real pain. Is there any way to recover them? I sent the crash report in.

This happened again today. It happened both times after moving my laptop and plugging it into it’s power source. The first time I was using it on battery, then moved it and plugged it in. The second time I was using it plugged in, then unplugged it to move it into a different room and plugged it back in. Sent Crash report. Lost all the inventory I was working on today.

Hi Joshua,

Sorry to hear that you had trouble using our software. I looked through the crash reports received for Beta 6, but I couldn’t find one from a MacBookPro user that pointed to a particular issue. Could you please put an e-mail address into the crash report form so I could identify your crashes in the future?

I changed to code so the database with all your pending changes gets saved every time you send the inventory window into the background. Previous version saved the the database when the inventory window was closed.

Please use this version until the next beta version arrives.


Thank you so much for address my issue!