Crashes in GS 6.8 on several auctions

Since a few days, several auctions crash Garagesale when it tries to show the ebay auction site.

When I click on an ended auction (or a running one), a second after garagesale tries to show the ebay auction, it crashes. Nothing new on my system here within the last months (nothing new installed) OSX 10.8.4. It happens at about one of 10 auctions within the last days now.
I didn´t update the system to 10.10 or newer and Garagesale to 6.9.7 (i avoid 7 at the moment because it will need large programming for us within our filemaker database we use).

Any advice how to disable the ebay preview or something that leads to that crash will be great!

Crash report is a s follows:

crash report gs 6.8.txt (63.3 KB)

Hi Markus,

maybe your Flash plugin is out-dated? It’s worth a try to update it.

Regards, Kristian

I will try that - but as it only appears in a few auctions at the moment, it may be another cause. Is there a way to temporarily disable the ebay-preview within GS6.8 in any way? Some hidden preference in the package or so?

I did a complete uninstall for flash, now that it is gone, it seems to work fine again:-) thanks for the hint.

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