Create a listing using "Sell now" button on eBay

I am wondering if there is a way to import “someone else’s” listing in GS only to be able to copy all the attributes?

I know there is a way to copy attributes from one of your listing to another one but I did not find any way to import someone else’s listing like it would is I clicked the " Have one to sell?[Sell now]" button on eBay.

Thank you for any assistance!

Sorry, there is no way to import someone else’s listings with GarageSale. You can only import your own listings from eBay:

I dont know if it’s OK to suggest a future feature but it would be useful to have a feature where you input an item number and the software pulls data from the listing and you can copy “the category” and “the item specifics”.

Thank you :slight_smile:

This can be done if you can add a “Product”:

You are correct when it comes to DVD or big brand electronics but some items are not in the eBay catalog so we have to input it manually.

If we could input the item number in the product field and pull the category and item specifics into our listing, this could be useful!

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