Creating a program to link mp3's to GS

I will literally pay somebody if they can find a way that can automatically link my mp3’s to my GS listings

Right now I upload mp3’s to my bluehost website/wordpress and it generates an address that I add into the code for the player on my GS listings. Is there any way this can get done automatically instead of having to copy and paste one at a time?

This is the code for the mp3 player that is in all of my templates

Address for the mp3 generated by bluehost

I copy and paste the address into the code for the mp3 player like this

Title of the mp3 helps to create the title of the auction like this

Title mp3: BOB MARLEY Buffalo Soldier ISLAND Picture Sleeve Roots.mp3
Title of the auction: BOB MARLEY Buffalo Soldier ISLAND Picture Sleeve Roots Reggae 12" HEAR

All the mp3s are organized in the same order as auctions
Mp3 titles are used to title auctions so a portion of both are the same and they are in the same order

Could there be some kind of script or program somebody can create that would automatically insert the address of the mp3 into the corresponding GS listing?

This is really time consuming and tedious but very simple and I would guess this could somehow be automated. Would save me from having to hire somebody to manually do this or from spending HOURS of my time doing this.

Like I said the mp3 title and auction title correspond so is there any way some kind of program could add them together.

  1. Is this even possible to do? 2. Could an iwascoding employee (would pay them) there help ? 3. If not an employee there, who should I try to contact? A programmer? Software engineer? I’m kinda clueless.

A few questions:

  1. If the script uses a folder with your mp3 as input, how should it know the 2024/05 of the MP 3 URL.

  2. The script would be a little easier to implement, if instead of searching a listing with a matching name, it would create new listings in GarageSale from the .mp3 file’s name.

  3. Can you share a folder with a couple of mp3 files you have already uploaded with me and can see how far a few minutes of tinkering will get me. No promises…

  1. I have no clue what you are talking about. Lol… All I know is that the title of the mp3’s partially match the titles of the auctions. The titles of the mp3’s are actually what I use to create the titles of the auctions (copy/paste). I then upload to blue host and copy and paste the url into the code for the mp3 player. I thought if there was a match between the 2 somehow it would know to insert into the code for the player. I have zero clue how coding/scripts etc work.

  2. That could work also. If it could put the title of the mp3 as the title of the listing that would be even better. Generating 1 listing per mp3 would work because that’s basically all I’m doing at the end of the day. If it could do it in the order the mp3’s were created it would be even better.

… It would actually have to generate in the order the mp3’s were created because that’s also the way the pictures are in order… also the way the actual items are in order in their boxes… and also the order sku’s for the listings are generated.

  1. Do I just export the folder and upload here? If so I get this error message

Compress (zip) the folder first. Then try to attach the .zip file.

Blank (2.0 MB)
Here is a folder with blank templates

Here is a completed folder with mp3’s

Here is a super basic version of script that should do what you want. Try it out with a folder that only contains a handful of MP3 files first.

Also, there seems to be a glich in GarageSale, where you need to switch between listings to get the description correctly displayed.

Create Listings from MP3 (30.6 KB)

Hello sorry for late response. Any chance you can walk me thru doing this. Like I said i would gladly actually pay for the help to do this. If you want you can email me

  1. Download the file and unzip it.

  2. Double-click on the “Create Listings from MP3 Folder.scpt” file to open it in “Script Editor”.

  3. In Script Editor just click on that Play button in the toolbar (top right) to run the script.

  4. You now can edit the “base URL” (where are your files located on your server?), default is …2024/05/

  5. Next a prompt will appear asking you to select a folder of mp3s. (As Ilja mentioned try it with a handful of mp3s first.)

  6. Once done, GarageSale will create a new listing for each of the mp3 files. Each listing description will contain the audio player. (audio file URL = base URL + mp3 file name)

Been busy with work but will try this out tomorrow. Many thanks

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