CSV Import - Nothing Happening

I am a new GarageSale user and may be missing something obvious. I want to import listings from a CSV file into GarageSale. I tried my own data as well as the following sample template:


MacBook Pro i7,MB_P_i7,1499.00,55,1199.00,This is a nice one!

When I import any CSV I’ve tried into GarageSale, I just see the following screen:

No error dialog, no feedback. I’m not sure what’s going on. Am I doing something wrong?

You only can import inventory items using CSV as described in the help here:

You need to switch to inventory mode and then select “Import Inventory Products…” from the File > Import menu.

Hope this helps,

I had similar issue with GarageSale 7, which was coming from the fact that my CSV file was omitting the “barcode” and “description” fields, because there was no values for them to import.

So, I appended ,barcode,description to the title line and two commas at the end of each item to import: (...),,. So, I understand the CSV importer as requiring all fields, as maybe it ignores the header line.

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