CSV Import of products into GS 7.0.8


Using GS 7.0.8 (804). We have a Shopify store and I would like to expedite eBay listing by importing the product CSV into GS. The image url’s are also in the flat file, so I would like to have them hosted in the Shopify server for use in GS and eBay.

Is there a way I can incorporate this into my routine? Copy and paste is really labor intensive, having to search for the images stored in a backup drive adds even more time to the process. We have not been using GS inventory feature but it is time now.

Some of our Shopify products have been manually listed to eBay and imported from eBay into GS when we first installed GS. I do hope they will not be duplicated. It would be so nice if there was an app to bridge Shopify stores and GS :wink:

I haven’t done anything yet. Can’t really find a lot of info on the help files so thought I’d check in with the community before taking the leap.

Your suggestions are greatly appreciated! Thank you in advance :slight_smile:


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Can you send our support a sample of your Shopify CSV file, so we can have a look? E-mail link is on this page:


Hi, Ilja,

Sent! Thank you!


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