CSV Inventory Imports


Been getting to grips with the CSV inventory import feature. Works pretty well but have a couple of questions/requests.

  1. When importing a list, if the item has already been imported before it creates a new product with an auto-generated SKU even though the SKU and the Product Title are the same. Any way of making it overwrite the existing record so that a Master stock sheet can be re-used? The way it currently is, you have to either delete the new auto-generated products or create a new sheet each time for import.

  2. Once you have imported the CSV you then have to go through the new products and add images. This can be difficult once you have a decent amount in the inventory as you have to remember which ones have been imported and not yet had photos added. Is there no way of adding an image or local path to the image into the CSV and using that to insert the images on import?

  3. The descriptions that are added to inventory products don’t appear to show up when you create an auction (or variation) based on the inventory product. Where does that info go and/or how do I go about using it to add/create the description for the listing?

Any answers/solutions/help/advice would be much appreciated :smile:

Here is a version that adds an “Update existing products with same SKU” checkbox to the CSV file import panel:

Sorry, that’s not possible at the moment. We put it on our todo list for future versions.

You have to add the text `[[item.inventoryProductDescription]] to your description. GarageSale will replace that string with the description you entered in the inventory.

Check this page for more template language commands: http://wiki.iwascoding.com/mediawiki/index.php?title=GarageSale_Template_Language


Thanks for your help. I now have 6.9.2 running alongside my MAS version (not simultaneously).

I have tried again with the CSV import function. I can see the checkbox for “Update existing products with same SKU” and that seems to work in terms of updating existing products (wahoo!). However, when checked the import now doesn’t seem to add new products correctly - it gives them default SKU numbers (i.e. sku_1, sku_2 etc…) even though they have been assigned SKU codes in the CSV. I haven’t changed the header row.

If I don’t check the “Update existing products with same SKU” box it imports new products perfectly with the correct SKU codes but as before, creates new products that have identical SKUs.

Any ideas?

As for the other stuff, I tried the [[item.inventoryProductDescription]] advice and that worked great. However, I have decided to go with a template from your design store. The files for that seems to be encrypted? Therefore, I can’t add that info? I looked into how to do it with User Properties etc… but couldn’t find a way. Any advice gratefully received.

Shame about image/image paths not being possible. That would be amazing. Hopefully soon!


GarageSale makes sure, that an SKU can only be used for a single inventory product. Otherwise, if an item sales, it would be impossible to reduce the sold quantity from the right inventory product. Therefore, if you import an item with an SKU that’s already there, it will change the SKU.

You can add the [[item.inventoryProductDescription]] to your item’s description, it doesn’t need to go in the source of your design. When you are in preview mode, press control+alt simultaneously to see how you item will look on eBay.