Custom Design Template for "Hover Over" Text

Hi Iwascoding team,

I have a question regarding the availability of a particular template design:

I have tried to find something similar on your template store but is there some kind of option for “hover over” text details for Garagesale listings?

I am trying to find something fully ebay compliant similar to the screenshots below from an=an ebay seller whose listings have this feature: The blue text can be “hovered over” with the cursor which reveals additional details as shown. Additionally there are tabs “Description / Payment / Shipping / Returns” that can be selected (which I think garagesale does have)

Anyways, Is this a possibility with garagesale?

Any insight is appreciated


link to view here:



I don’t see a way to implement something like this so it’s available/editable for the user in the design template or Properties Inspector.
If you’re familiar with HTML/CSS you could try to add this manually to your code/item description in Editor mode. You’d need to e.g. enter the tooltip text into an extra HTML element behind the link text and then make it visible if you hover over that link text.

Another technique using the data-title" attribute is shown here:

Hope this helps,

Thank you for the quick reply Kristian, I will look into the HTML functionality to see if that would work for us.

Regarding the “Clickable Section Buttons”:
I realize the PRO COMPACT design works for the “Buttons” feature which would be helpful, but I wonder why this particular template does not allow for custom headers to be added? It does allow for a “Store Logo” but I cannot seem to get the logo to extend very far. Is there a particular setting or image size that could extend the image across the top section, or can a header be added to this template?

Attached are what we currently use with the PRO Mainstream Template (header extended to borders)


And what the PRO Compact Design allows with only a “Store Logo” option (no header option)

Is it possible to have this template updated to allow headers or can you guys customize a template for us?

You can PM me for your price to custom make a template (if possible)


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