Custom template not importing into GarageSale

I have just purchased GarageSale i am using this for the first time. I have a custom template that was code by a third party. The problem i am having is, i cannot seem to import my custom template into GarageSale. The template is already saved in the required location, but i cannot get the template imported into the lister. I need help with this please and thank you for your time.

Hi KrankyPam,

you maybe can just paste the code into GarageSale’s Editor Mode.

If you need it converted to a GarageSale listing design maybe that third party can help you with that? There’s a section how to create custom designs in the Miscellaneous help section here:

If this won’t help, please contact our support.

Regards, Kristian

What is the location you put the design template? Maybe you were looking at outdated documentation?

Yes , the template is saved in the required location. When i go to list an item why don’t i see my template. I cant list an item but my template is never what i am listing in, the pictures import in a sort of column format not like how my template is designed to look. Am i missing something. i will try to list an item all the way and see what i get. i will keep you posted.

What location are have you put it? The location has changed from GS 6 to GS 7, so you probably put it in the wrong spot.

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