Custom template

I would like to make a custom pro template. I have one that I USED to use and lost the coding when my machine crashed . Heres the example of that I had:

you can see the GS code in view source. I cant seem to recreate it. But what Id really like to do is make the pro top seller template work with this banner. Or some other template if the pro doesn’t work. If someone could code it for me a new template to use, Id be happy to pay a reasonable price…

I have tried adding the web address of the image for the banner into the pro top seller template where it asks for it but it shows up behind the purple pro seller banner.

You can contact me at if you have an interest in doing this, thanks!

Hi catspajamasvintage,

in the “Properties” Inspector you should give the “Store Logo URL:” field another try if you have the Pro:TopSeller design selected. Enter your logo URL there.
If needed I can help you with the refinements/positioning of your logo/banner.

Regards, Kristian