Custom templates don't appear in GS

I have been trying to create some custom templates for garage sale. I read the manual, googled it and read through this forum but I just couldn’t get it working.

I started by duplicating an existing template ( > Show Package Contents > Contents > Resources > DesignTemplates) moving it to (~/Library/ApplicationSupport/GarageSale/DesignTemplates) and then editing it by hand/dreamweaver. No joy.

I then discovered that there is the … I downloaded that, duplicated a template, changed a few bits and then saved and then chose “Show in GS”. No joy. My new template just didn’t show up.

Now, I have copied the template that was created by and moved it inside of the ( > Show Package Contents > Contents > Resources > DesignTemplates) manually. Restarted GarageSale and there it is. In the list with all of the other templates.

How come the saves it in a place that doesn’t actually read into GarageSale. How come all of the literature (that I have seen) says to save it in the ApplicationSupport folder … that doesn’t seem to work for me at all. Does using the mac App Store to purchase GarageSale make a difference to the location that custom templates are read from?

Anyway, it seems to the be working, in a way, although I have to make changes and then restart GS every time to see how it looks. Any answers/thoughts/solutions welcome!

Yes, the location for Mac App Store apps is indeed different, because they are running in “sandboxed” mode.
The correct folder in your case should be:

~/Library/Containers/com.iwascoding.garagesale/Data/Library/Application Support/GarageSale/DesignTemplates

Hope this helps.

Yep, thanks for confirming it and letting me know the preferred folder to save accessing inside of the app’s container. Maybe an update to the documentation would be good as I would have thought a large number of your users buy GS via the app store.