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I already wrote about this lack in GS, why not adding the customers’ phone number in order section? That would be an enormous change, just consider to add for each customer a profile into your contacts (still possible to do), and for each one having phone number further than email and address (address is quite useful in my opinion, email and phone number would be enough). Moreover, adding the title of the purchased goods in the same profile would let you look into contacts for specific themes and let you find all people interested in it. So you could start a serious marketing plan… that’s a dream :star_struck: for now, having the phone number would be already something…
Any suggestion would be welcomed.


@ilja , any suggestion from you :grinning:?

GarageSale would only be able to show you a telephone number, if a buyer enters a telephone number during checkout for your specific sale.

Is that something your buyers regularly do?

Yes, a large part of customers have it, especially considering that couriers need it. Anyway, if they don’t put the phone number, there is at least the email, and adding it into the profile in contacts is already a very useful thing… don’t you agree?

Not sure I get what you are trying to say. :thinking:

As wrote in the first message, I just dream a GS version which allow us to add new contacts (still possible to do), but instead adding the customers’ street addresses (which are quite useless in my opinion), having the email + phone number (if available) for each customer. That would give us multiple possibility to start a serious marketing plan. Moreover, just consider to add the title of purchased item in the contact of each customer. In this way, a look up into contacts would provide you all people interested in that topic.
Anyway, apart from this, the phone number would be very useful to be displayed in the order section, because if someone don’t pay or have a problem, a phone call is much useful.
I hope this time I explained it better… tell me if you get in @ilja !

Thank you

Personally, the issue explained above is something that prevents me from using GS for shipping purposes.
In Ebay, under the address, there is the phone number that the buyer is required to have (this is an option in Ebay and as I seller anyone can mark it as [phone number required for purchase]. Without the phone number, the sale can not be completed and the buyer is required to fill this in their account settings under Addresses tab. So when I print through Ebay, there is always a phone number at the bottom of the buyer’s address, useful for the delivery companies when the customer is not at home, and a must for me. I thought about making a topic for this long time ago, but there are more urgent things to ask, so I never did.
I will also appreciate much if there is such an option available, shipping is so easy through the software. [With the shipping from GS there is also a thing that is bugging me, but I am not sure if this is the right time and place to explain it].

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Glad to hear I am not the only one who need it! That would really change the use of order section… and changing the way “add to contacts” works, it would be possible to start a new use of GS…

Agreed. Like the Reports area, it could be awesome to use, however, there are just enough missing features/abilities to prevent it from living up to its potential.

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When I started using GS 7, the report area was at the very top of best feature I had in mind that would have changed my workflow. Unfortunately, due to some reason, I gave up using it and it’s ages I don’t switch to it, especially because due to high number of listings it takes so much to appear (sooo much)…

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