Date in Smart Groups in Orders table

I sometimes have a situation where I need to refund a buyer a small amount before I ship their order out, usually when they fail to request combined shipping. I realized this morning that the Smart Group in Orders I use to print packing slips has "Refunded is No" as a criterion, which is incorrect.

The obvious thing for me to add is "Date is less than X Days", and I see a Date column in the overview pane, but there is no Orders Smart Group filter for Date.

I’m hoping this might squeak in while so much Smart Group work is underway?

alternative What I really would need to capture this category correctly would be a way of (1) marking Orders as Shipped, but also (2) marking them as Cancelled (for some reason). That way, the Smart Group would be "Shipped is No and Cancelled is No", which is the business logic I really mean here.

How about a ‘Days since Order Received’ smart group rule for Orders? Would that help.

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It would be great! Sorry you all have to be doing all this DateTime stuff it must be awful. [DateTime stuff is always awful]


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