Definition of a Business Account


In the name of all that is holy, what does eBay consider business accounts???

I absolutely hate the control eBay has piled upon us, a little at a time. I don’t WANT these stupid business policies to be anywhere near me.

Sheesh! It’s like living in the United States with all this control!


Wait wait, one thing is being a business for ebay (theoretically, you do it for work, practically, they worth you like anyone else who sell grandma’s souvenirs), another one is business policy (which has nothing to do with being business). Maybe the question would be: why policies are called “business”, and this is a good question. I guess they are called business because they are mainly used by business sellers (=you do it for work and generally you do lots of listings and need policies to save time) or maybe because they were born for business account (=registered not as private but as professional seller) and then eBay moved their use to all users (so, sorry to tell you but I think they will become necessary one day or another). The big matter of ebay is that professional and private sellers are all at the same level, which is NO GOOD seen from the side of those mad who pay tons of taxes… but that’s another matter…
In my opinion you should be less negative with (“business”) policies, they can really save you much time (depending on your listings numbers) and make your work faster and more tidy. You just need to get the right feeling with them, and you surely know that ebay does everything possible to make harder what’s easy…


Thank you, fedege96. I do appreciate it.

I’m hating them. They ended up removing my Global Shipping option. Took the check mark off and greyed it right out.

I found the way to opt out, but before they’ll actually opt me out, I have to tell them, via email, why I want to opt out. Sent that in hours ago. I’m still opted in.

I’ve spent hours on their stupid docs, and I’m still being told to do it.

Not sure how or way they would make my save me time or make my work faster and more tidy. I use GS templates for my items, and that’s faster and easier, and probably pretty tidy.


Welcome Michelle. It seems that on your ebay site they made it much more complex than what it actually is…

Well, there is a reason in my opinion. A policy is a sort of “master” setting that you can bulk edit and apply to all listings with just one click. Bulk editing all listings in GS (and any other app or could solution) will require lots and lots of time, and can bring errors. On the other hand, the policy automatically updated all listings that are using it. Let’s do an example: post services increases some prices (not all). If you don’t have a specific policy of that postal service, you have to go trough each listings in GS (or any other solution), find all of them, update them, revise them. With a ebay policy, you just update that one policy and press apply: all thousands of thousands listings that use that policy will (almost) immediately update. That’s smart!
Yes, if you list few items and not every day, I agree with you, managing policies is a spare of time and work, but again, you know how good are at ebay at doing things without previously thinking about their results…

Between all ebay damnations, at least for my work, business policies are one of the better…

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