Delete Images From Server Questions

I am using an external image host for my pictures for eBay and I also embed within each listing description.

Currently I have the “Delete Images” setting set to “Never” instead of 30, 60, or 90 days. I am thinking of changing this to put less load on the external server.

  1. If I upload an item while the preferences are set to “never”, but later change this setting to “30”, “60” or 90" will the images be still be removed from the server?

  2. If I were to upload a listing with the preference set to “30” days but later change this setting to “never” would the images for this listing still be removed?

  3. When items do not sell I do not relist them via eBay, but instead list them within a new auction via GarageSale. Is GS uploading new copies of the listing’s images to the external server each time a auction is uploaded to eBay or does it reuse the images already on the external server and simply upload them to eBay each time?

  4. From time to time I shut down all my listings depending upon other work I have to do. At this time I’d like to purge all the images on the external host which I currently could do using Cyberduck; however, would it possible to add such a feature to GS? It would save some time if I could simply click a button in GS and have them all removed.

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