Delete smart group listings

Apparently, I have not had enough coffee this morning. I have several listings that ended and they have been directed to a smart group folder “Finished Unsuccessfully”. I have relisted them all, but can not figure out how to delete them from the smart group. Also is there any way to bulk delete ended items in my active listings folder once they are relisted. Not sure why ended listings show up in the active listings folder.

You can’t delete alias items shown in a smart group directly. You can only delete the original item.
If you right-click on an item inside a smart group there’s a “Reveal Original” command availble that might be helpful to find the originals.
More about smart groups:

There’s a “move to trash” option available in the Launch Control window that you could activate the next time you relist items. Please see the help here:
(Scroll down to “Launch Control Options”)

Is your “active listings folder” a regular group or a “smart group”?

Regards, Kristian

Kristian thank you for the help. My active listings folder is a regular group. Every auction I restarted today has the original auction listed with the grey ebay logo and directly underneath is the relisted item with the blue ebay logo. I would like to delete the gray icon items and of course leave the blue in the active listings folder. Hope this make sense.

Regular groups need to be managed manually, there’s no automation. In other words you need to put the ended listing into the trash or into another group.
Another way is to use smart groups instead of regular groups.

Therefore the “Move original to” option in the Launch Control window is very helpful. You should check that option the next time you relist items.

Regards, Kristian

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