Deleting Paypal Messages

Under the MISC heading is eBay and Paypal messages. My preferences stated not to download ebay messages so I never paid attention to the MISC folders. Now there are more than 4000 paypal messages in one account and more than 600 in the other. I suspect this is causing MAJOR issues in the constant and continuous color wheel and freezing of the program.

Is there any way to delete these all at once? I’ve been trying for an hour and can only delete one message at a time. Every time I click the mouse in GS, I get the color wheel and have to wait for the function to kick in. It would take days to delete all these messages this way.

I just looked and I have 450. Hadn’t noticed that. Glad you brought it up maybe there can be an easy fix.

No help on this topic? There doesn’t even seem to be a way to prevent downloading any more.


in the current version on GarageSale it is not possible to delete PayPal transactions. But as they are really small it should not be the cause of your freeze problem.

How many auctions/templates do you have?


Ok. Was hoping to delete things I don’t use. We have GaragePay for that. We have around a couple thousand templates and thousands more that GS keeps importing from ebay.