Delicious Library in GarageSale beta 7

I regularly use “Import from Delicious Library” in GS 6.9.7

It’s a huge time saver with creating listings from barcoded media . . . books and cd’s.

I do not find that function in the current beta version 7.0 48.

I’ve purchased the beta and love what I’m seeing so far except this one thing.

Is that something that will be added or am I missing something here?

Thank you in advance.

Shannon Noble

So far the Delicious Library import is not included in GarageSale 7. We add it to our todo list, but I’m not promising it will be included for the initial 7.0 release. (The more people ask for Delicious Library support, the sooner we’ll have start working on it.)

My work around for this was to use GS 6.9.7 to import the Delicious Library material and then export the templates out and back in to GS beta 7. Unfortunately when I started doing “item specifics” the new info I typed in disappeared and defaulted in GS beta 7 so I switched back to working on GS 6.9.7. I checked to see if I could replicate this bug this morning and it’s not doing it now.

Having the Delicious Library import has been a huge time saver for managing barcoded materials. HUGE ! ! !

Thanks for the response.

It’s there now!!! A little buggy and off . . . but it works for me with a work around.

Thank you very much!


You have thank @paul who sacrificed his last weekend to get this feature done in time for the 7.0 release.

If you have time, please send us a small list of things that aren’t quite working yet.