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Hi - I bought a Pro design & need to alter the design using Design Utility. However, the purchased design does not show up in the menu to be able to change the store logo image size to something MUCH smaller. ((Reducing the jpg does not change it on the template))

There are only 5 Pro Designs, not all of the Pro that are in the template store.

Any ideas how to get my pro design in the Utility?



I think I already replied to your support request, too. Did you receive my answer?

The source code of designs from the Design Store can’t be accessed or opened with the Design Utility.
However, many things can already be achieved by inserting some CSS code.
You’re using the “Pro: Classic” design, right?

If so, you can adjust the logo size (height) by inserting the following CSS code in your listing’s item description (Editor mode) or in the footer field in the GarageSale preferences > General.

.gs-proclassic #gs-storeLogo img {height: 50px;}

Feel free to enter whatever value you want for the height.
Regards, Kristian

Thanks!!! Yeah! It worked! How do I change the position to the right side?


This should do the trick:

.gs-proclassic #gs-storeLogo {text-align: right;}
.gs-proclassic #gs-storeLogo img {height: 50px;}

Hope this helps,

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