Do you see the rotating beachball all the time

This is just a message to the group.

In 2019 and 2020, I was tearing my hair out with GS. It had become so slow that it was practically unusable and I was even thinking of dropping GS. I hated the beachball and I am sure that the occasional crashes I had were compounding the issue.

The GS team could not solve my DB issues, although the Orders section was suspected. I took the plunge and created a new database from my Ebay listings. It took two attempts, quite a few pitfalls and months of work to get my DB of 30,000 working again to a point where I can actually trust it.

Now I am as happy as a “pig in shit”. (please excuse my Australian). I rarely see the ‘beachball;’ and if I do it is for a few seconds only. Search and uploads are lightning quick. I have even turned on auto-update and it runs in the background without being noticeable. GS8 life seems to have returned to normal and I would like to thank the GS team for putting up with my whinges for so long.

They probably wondered what I was going on about - but trust me. It was real.

If anyone decides to go down this track, contact me and I may be able to help.


PS. I noticed a few anomalies on the journey but I will post them as separate posts.

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Thank you for your post, David.

Just out of curiosity, which model of Mac(s) are you using GS on, and what are its specs?

I have no doubt your DB problem was the root cause of the slowness you were experiencing. A 30K entry database is quite big! Just wondering if you’re using an older Mac ore a more recent one, and if the DB issues you’ve experienced would have been mitigated at all with a faster Mac, or if you’re already using a fast one.

Thanks again for posting this. I look forward to any info I may glean from your experience to better troubleshoot GS.

Not the Mac, Roy. Thought it might have been a memory issue at first so upgraded that - but no joy.

30k entries is not that big, really. SQLite is built to support a theoretical limit of 281 TB (!) per database file. I wonder if vacuuming the database would have helped in this case, though this really matters only if lots of data were previously deleted. Also, SQLite is just an implementation detail of Core Data, which I assume GarageSale uses. This technology can have performance issues of its own.

Yes, I agree. And I fully understand that doubling a database should only take a microsecond longer to search, if binary searching is used and indexing is correct.

If you look back at previous posts you will see I have been constantly rebuilding (for years) but none of those options worked. I therefore threw more memory at the problem for very little effect.

It was only when I could not start GS and the Help Team could not find the issue that I took the plunge and started again from scratch (ie from Ebay listings).

That worker - to a point - but I have spent dozens of hours sorting out my listing structure.

Probably this was not heped by Ebay switching my account to Managed Payments at the same time so I was forced to switch to Managed Profiles as well.

But worse of all is that Ebay managed to lose every image except the primary image in every listing. That is a MINIMUM OF 30,000+ images lost. I am not sure I will ever recover from that mess.

I guess what I am trying to say is that a Theory is but a Theory and Practice does not always comply with it. All the problems that people post on this site are Real.
I also understand how complicated some issues can be for the GS Team.

But I am so happy now.


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