Does eBay refund me listing fees for unsold item if I relist thought GS?

title contains my doubt: if an auction goes unsold (0,37cent./each on and I relist it through GS and not through eBay, do I have back my 0,37cent./each usold?
Thank you in advance for any help.



it depends - but in general, yes, please see the GarageSale help here:

and the eBay Relisting policy here:

"If your auction-style listing sells, we may credit your account for an insertion fee. "

Regards, Kristian

Hi @kristian,
the “depend” worries me, it does or it does not and of course I don0t want to throw away listing fees (and 0,37c./each is a huge amount, if you consider this for a high number of listing). I need to know this before using auction, I tried to relist unsold auctions through eBay and fees were refunded, but what about doing it through GS? And if I relist through eBay GS does not know it and does not update listings…

It depends on eBay’s Relisting policy:

Regards, Kristian

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