Don't know how to add an image to a new listing in 7.0

Just upgraded to 7.0. I’ve spent at least 1 hour now trying to find what I click to add an image to a new listing I created. Can anyone help? I’m sure it’s a simple answer, but I just can figure it out and the help pages are not of much help. Thanks.

Just drag and drop :grin: if you don’t see the place where drop, make sure you selected a template with the space holder for photos (click on top bar button just right to “live” and choose a disposition from right side bar)

The help gives you some hints, too:

Regards, Kristian

The link < > results in a “Safari can’t find the server” error from the USA.


Same from Italy, I had this problem almost every time, I suppose it is for the browser (I am using safari)…

Now it works (2 minutes later)… sure that in in 5 it won’t function again…

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