Downgrade to from 7.0.8

Two weeks ago I updated to the latest GS 7.0.8. However, this has a issue with: “will display a local error when user enabled eBay’s ‘Global Shipping Program’, but lists in a category where GSP is not supported.” The majority of my furniture listings have been effected and this is unacceptable error. I need to downgrade the the last version that worked. How do/should I go about this not not effect current listings?

Why don’t you just turn off the GSP option in your listing to get rid off this error?

Tried that, still gives the error.

Can you export such a listing and send me as a zip file? You might want to remove images prior to exporting to reduce file size and make it go though.

I can I can also include screen shots of the error messages.

Did you send the listing already? If so, where did you sent it to?

Exported (17.3 KB)

So, eBay removed support for the Global Shipping Programm from the “Mid-Century Modernism” category. Therefore you have to disable the flag in the shipping settings of your listing like this:

You’re using a shipping profile. Could it be that the selected profile uses the GPS option (not sure it that’s even possible).

Regards, Kristian

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