Downloaded new version now locked out

I installed the new version this morning and the message comes up "garages sale want to use your confidential information stored in GS pro account. – I put in my password and it is denied.

I checked my keychain and the pw matches on file.

I’m locked out, cannot log in.
thanks, M

When you get this system prompt you just need to enter your macOS user password. Please note that you probably get multiple prompts which can be irritating.

Since GarageSale 9 uses a different application identifier, you’ll need to grant it access to each eBay token in your Mac’s keychain. When the system displays such a permission panel, please click the “Always Allow” button if available.

Regards, Kristian

Thanks, that worked. I was using a previous login.

Also, I thought I have to pay for the update to v9, but the line on my panel is grayed out.


If you have a GS Pro subscription, you can use GS9 without paying an upgrade fee.

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