Drag and Drop from Photos App

Just installed the update and drag and drop from Photos broke again for me in this update. I’m running MacOS Sierra so the update could have broken it, don’t know.

Can drag and drop from the desktop.

Did you wait a few seconds after dragging the images to GarageSale? Sometimes it takes a few seconds (3-4) until the image shows up? Also, are you using Editor or Preview mode?

I was in preview mode. basically, the drop zone has a red exclamation point. drag the photos over, it disappears for several seconds and then reappears.



It works in editor mode.

Unfortunately this bug is real. :cry: It seems with the Sierra update, something broke that prevents dragging from images from Apple’s Photos app into the GarageSale’s preview.

Actually any application that uses Apple’s Webview object internally(such as the Safari browser), can no longer receive image drags from Photos under Sierra.

We reported this to Apple as a bug, but I wouldn’t count on a speedy fix.

Good to know. At least the work around exist to drag them into editor mode, albeit the editor mode places them in the reverse order from the preview mode.

Just an extra step in the workflow.



Are you able to drag and drop photos from your “folders” rather than the Photo application ?

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